Ancient Mayan Numeral Series: One

Ancient Mayan Numeral Series: One


One (jun) – Young female goddess.


The ancient Maya created a civilization that was outstanding in many ways. They were great artists. They were one of only three civilizations in the world that invented a complete writing system. They were also great mathematicians, time keepers, astronomers, and architects.


The Mayans had several ways to present the numbering system. Glyphs were used as alternate methods. This series honors the Mayan culture with numberals 1 through 10. Each pour is sandcast in our workshow and weighs the same as the marked numberal. Collect the set! 


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Accompanied by a leather certificate of authenticity 


Weight: 1.0 ounce troy

Material: 999+ fine silver

Finish: antique

Quality Hand Poured


Jacobs Engraving offers an ever-expanding range of hand-poured silver bullion products for investors and collectors alike. Poured silver rounds and other 3-dimensional shapes are hand-poured in our workshop.