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Sandcasting 101

Sandcasting 101


**This is for a physical, in person lesson. You must be able travel to the studio to attend**


This is good for 1 individual to participate in a “one on one” lesson in sand casting techniques. The lesson is conducted from the safety of the SilverStackaholic studio with guidance from Greg. All materials and safety equipment will be provided. 


This lesson consists of two hours intensive instruction, with a further one hours for solo practice with Greg available to answer questions as needed


The lesson includes: 

- Students may choose from a selection of unique and interesting molds

- Up to two ounces of 999 fine silver (to be poured by you!)

- Technique of sand casting jewellery, using “delft” sand (an oil sand), sold in most jewellery supply shops.


Greg will start with a demonstration of the process of packing the “master mold” into the flask through to pouring the molten silver. Quence, clean up and antique finishing is included as post processes we we perform together. 

- You will work side by side with Greg, to make and pour your own casting

- Your first piece cast will be of a sample shape to help the student get aquainted sandcasting

- After this, you will have the opportunity to further practise the skill for a couple of hours, using your own “master mold” or one of mine!


We encourage our students to select interesting and meaningful “master mold candidates." Almost anything could be sandcast. Things like an ornate button you may have, a seed pod, a medallion or something similar.


Once, having achieved competency, the average time taken to complete a casting, from packing the flask to pouring the metal is about 30 minutes.


Contact Greg at to schedule group lessons. We offer discounts for groups of four or more. 


It is suggested that students attend and complete this class prior to taking advanced finishing courses. 

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