About Us

We are SilverStackaholics.

Our family-owned and -operated business is located near the foothills of Mount Diablo in Brentwood, California. 


We pride ourselves on performing and collaborating with brilliant artists. From conceptual design and development to producing the final product in-house.


Our team of SilverStackaholics will do everything in our power to ensure the product that ends up in your hands is exceptionally done.

In our blood runs the seed of creation; all of our family is involved in some sort of creative outlet, whether it be playing music, acting, or engineering. It is like our bloodline cannot exist without creating something or making our mark on the world.

At our core, we are a local business who actively volunteers in the community and enjoys helping out fellow small businesses.

Our Services


Our shop provides services for many different industries and personas. From custom silver and gold sculptures, mold making for sand casting artists and custom crazy commissions...our team will work with you to make your concept real. 

Check our online store for our unique and original offerings. 

Our shop is equipped to process different methods of metal casting. From traditional open pours to complex machined castings of highly detailed designs. 

1 or 10000 units. We got you covered.....

We also offer precision laser engraving, utilizing high powered MOPA and CO2 laser systems. Our laser engraving process enables us to deliver even the most complex applications involving detailed imaging cut into metal surfaces. Each and every job is routed through our engineering department to ensure that customer specifications are met. 

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