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Cast a Spell on Me

Have an amazing solid model that deserves to be transformed into silver? This is a subscription service for the avid gamer or collector who enjoys custom cast silver artwork based upon your provided models. 


Working from your custom designs, Jacobs Engraving sees your custom sculpture through every step of the silver casting process. 

Don't have a design? Have an idea that needs to be taken from inception to sculpture? We can help with that as well. Send us an email or fill out our contact form to speak to one of the SIlverStackaholics on staff. 

What do we do? What is this wizardry? 

Once our SilverStackaholics are in possession of your digital model: 

  • We begin the wax model and casting preparation. Based on the digital design, a wax model is carved or printed. This is attached to a wax stem either by itself or with other models by sprues. These form the channels through which the molten silver will flow into the mold.

  • Then we Invest. The wax models, attached to the stem, are placed into a special frame called a flask, which is then filled with an investment material that is allowed to harden.

  • Burnout the mold to prepare for the pour. After the investment material has set and hardened, the flask is placed in a special kiln to burn away the wax inside of it. When all of the wax is melted and burned away, the cavity, which is the mold, is left.

  • Within the forge, we melt our precious metals. The silver is melted at very high temperatures, as much as 2050 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The cast. Liquid silver is poured into the mold. Our technicians ensure the metal is evenly distributed and reaches every spot in the mold. Jacobs Engraving employs advanced vacuum casting techniques as well as torch casting, which utilizes a torch to melt a very small amount of metal that is poured into the mold.

  • We begin to clean up our mess and divest. After the silver cools and solidifies, the castings are removed from the investment material. The sprue is cut off each casting, and each piece is cleaned and polished to remove imperfections.

This is only the beginning...


Now that we have the form in silver, the arduous finishing process  commences. Hours of cleaning, filing and detail work ensure your model is presented in the best possible way. 

Choose from one of the subscription models below to reserve your spot! Space is limited!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Cast a Spell on Me

    Every month
    Level One
    • Monthly delivery of 1 figure up to 1.5 ozt 999 fine silver
    • Member Only COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
    • Additional Discount Coupons (1 Per Year of Membership)
    • Access to Membership Page & Blog
  • Cast a Spell on Me

    Every month
    Level Two
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly delivery of 2 figures up to 5ozt 999 fine silver
    • Member Only COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
    • Additional Discount Coupons (1 Per Year of Membership)
    • Access to Membership Page & Blog
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