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First 25 will be serialized 


A "jackal" god, probably Anubis, is depicted in stone inscriptions from the reigns of Hor-Aha, Djer, and other pharaohs of the First Dynasty. Since Predynastic Egypt, when the dead were buried in shallow graves, "jackals" had been strongly associated with cemeteries because they were scavengers which uncovered human bodies and ate their flesh.


In the Old Kingdom, Anubis was the most important god of the dead. In the Roman era, which started in 30 BC, tomb paintings depict him holding the hand of deceased persons to guide them to Osiris.


Each are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and are hand stamped in our workshop. 


Weight: ~4.0 ounce troy

Material: 999+ fine silver

Finish: Antique

Quality Sand Cast / Hand Poured

COA included

Original line art licensed from Karol MIchalec 


Jacobs Engraving offers an ever-expanding range of hand-poured silver sculpture and other 3-dimensional shapes. Hand-poured in our workshop.




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